What are the differences between the MTS-5000 and MTS-5100 Protective Relay Testing Systems?

The MTS-5100 Protective Relay Testing System, introduced in 2012, replaces our earlier MTS-5000 product.

What’s Different in the MTS-5100?

Here are the differences between the two products, with a few key points in bold text:

  • The MTS-5100 has six 30A current channels, whereas the MTS-5000 has only three. Using two MTS-5100 units, or an MTS-5100 and an MTS-5160, in a master/slave arrangement, you have a total of 12 current channels, 30A each. Current channels may be operated in parallel, increasing the current per channel by 2x, 3x, etc.
  • The MTS-5100 has an AC/DC V4 Channel. It can be used as either an AC source or for relay power, whereas it’s DC-only on the MTS-5000. That’s useful if you have, for example, a synchronizing relay that requires three-phase voltage on one side and one more voltage on the other side.
  • The newer model has larger, higher-resolution screen than the MTS-5000. Display resolutions is 800×600, vs. 640×480 for the MTS-5100.
  • The MTS-5100 has a much faster processor than the MTS-5000 and more available memory. Operation is generally “snappier”.
  • The MTS-5100 can be operated from 120 or 240 VAC, 50 or 60Hz. AC power cords are available for both voltages. The MTS-5000 must be ordered in either a 120V or 240V AC version.
  • All 12 inputs on can be set to wet or dry mode, with adjustable thresholds. On the MTS-5000, inputs 9-12 are wet-only, with a fixed threshold.
  • The inputs have higher accuracy when applying thresholds or viewing waveforms using the Oscilloscope feature, as compared with the MTS-5000.
  • The MTS-5100 has a Gigabit (10/100/1000) Ethernet port, whereas the MTS-5000 has a 100Mbps (10/100) port .

What’s the Same?

In nearly all other respects the products are equivalent. Both of them run the same software, although a few features are disabled or restricted on the MTS-5000 because they require hardware only found in the MTS-5100.

MTS-5000 and MTS-5100

Can I Trade In My MTS-5000?

If you currently have an MTS-5000, and you would like to upgrade to the MTS-5100, please contact our sales team. Phone numbers and email addresses are provided on our contact page. We are often able to provide a trade-in allowance toward the purchase of your new test set.

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