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MTS-5100 Training

We realize that protective relay testing can seem like a daunting task.  Manta Test Systems provides one day of basic training with every new purchase so that you can start using the MTS-5100 to test relays effectively. The protective relay training is performed at your location with your relays and within your time frame to reduce your training costs and make the protective relay training more effective. All protective relay training courses for the MTS-5100 are customized to meet your specific needs. Contact us using the form at the end of this page to arrange your on-site training.

All Manta customers have access to our online training site you can browse to:

  • Watch Training videos at your own pace
  • Download technical papers presented at major conferences
  • Download training material including user manuals
  • Download all of the software available from Manta Test Systems
  • Ask question and read our F.A.Q.
  • Share information with other users.



Accredited In-Person Protective Relay Training


We have collected extensive training experience from our instructors (who have presented and taught at many of the major electrical conferences such as NETA PowerTest, Hands-On Relay School, etc.)  to create a modern curriculum for today’s relays and test equipment. Our class sizes, topics, and durations have been carefully planned to make sure our trainees actually retain the information from the class through a combination of theory and hands-on training. We use modern relays and techniques that can be applied to any modern test set from any manufacturer.

The following courses are available.  Please contact us to get more information.

  • Basic Relay Testing
  • Advanced Relay Training
  • Generator Relay Training
  • Motor Relay Training


While our focus is ensuring students graduate with the knowledge and skills they need to become effective relay testers, we understand that recognition is also important.  All of our graduates receive a certificate of completion that can be used with their regulating board.

Each course is eligible for 24 NETA Continuing Technical Development Credits (CTDs). NETA CertifiedTechnicians (Level III and Level IV) are required to earn a minimum of 48 CTDs every three years to maintain their certification.For more information about the CTD program and requirements, please contact the NETA officeat or 888-300-6382.

We also have an online training site that organizes all of the above topics into a logical course curriculum so that new users can quickly become experts relay testing with the MTS-5100.

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