Protective Relay Test System

The MTS-5100 is the only all-in-one relay test set with a direct front panel interface for all functions, without exception!

The ideal integrated system for testing and calibration of protection and control relays, simulation of power system phenomena, and verification of voltage, current, phase, and power transducers.


  • Large 10.1” display
  • Six AC/DC Currents
  • Four AC/DC Voltages
  • 12 Contact / 0-250Vrms Voltage inputs
  • Four contact outputs
  • Transducer voltage/input
  • GPS input (antenna included)
  • IRIG input, IRIG output
  • IEEE 61850 GOOSE messaging




The MTS-5160 Six Currrent Amplifier is an accessory unit that can be used in conjunction with the MTS-5100. When connected to a MTS-5100, the MTS-5160 adds six current channels to the setup to make a total of 12 current channels available to the user. It is a cost effective means to add more power to your test system when required. (Note that the MTS-5160 can also be connected to an MTS-5000 to allow for a total of 9 current channels)


#10 Hard-shell Shipping Case (LARGE)

Our heavy-duty case includes compartments for storing your MTS leads and manual.   (31” x 21” x 16”)
(Included FREE with all MTS-5100 orders).

#11 Hard-shell Shipping Case (SMALL)

Our smaller, heavy-duty case in a compact size for your MTS-5100. (25” x 20” x 16”)

#34 Soft-shell Carry Case

A padded and lightweight carry case with support shoulder straps and pockets for carrying your MTS-5100 and keeping your accessories organized. The unique loading/unloading system of this case makes it very easy to transport your Manta unit. (17” x 21” x 16”)

#31 Test Lead Kit

Full range of color-coded, bundled test leads.  Includes 12 current leads, 6 voltage leads, 6 I/O leads, alligator clip adaptors, spade clip adaptors and a small carry bag.  (One set included FREE with all MTS-5100 orders).

#30 Foot Switch

Our heavy duty foot switch is used to free one hand when performing static testing. (Included FREE with all MTS-5100 orders).

#12 Ethernet Crossover Cable

For communication with your PC and other Manta MTS units. (Included FREE with all MTS-5100 orders).

#13 RS-232 Serial Communications Cable

For communications with your PC on the serial port.
(Included FREE with all MTS-5100 orders).

#22 GPS Antenna with 15ft Lead

To assist with end-to-end testing.  (Included FREE with all MTS-5100 orders).

#21 GPS 85ft Extension Lead

The extension lead to your GPS Antenna, to assist with end-to-end testing. (Included FREE with all MTS-5100 orders).

#25 User Manual

Replacement manual for the Manta MTS-5100. Includes information, specifications, features and capabilities. (Included FREE with all MTS-5100 orders).

#20 One Year Extended Warranty

Extends manufacturer’s warranty to Two Years.  One year included with the purchase of Manta products.         (Please note:  Not all Manta products include warranty).

#35 One Day, On-site Introductory Training

Learn the basics of using the MTS-5100 to test some typical protective relays, at your preferred site.

#36 Common 12-way Socket Lead

Compatible with the MTS-5000 and MTS-5100, simplify wiring for cases where you are monitoring a lot of relay contact outputs.  This harness combines the black leads for all the Manta inputs, so you only need to run one return lead to the relay.

#40 Wireless Keyboard and Trackpad

Certified for use with your MTS-5100 or 5000, simply insert the receiver into your USB port and you will have instant wireless control of the Front Panel Display. Measures only 5.5″ x 4″ making it very compact and will store easily with the rest of your test gear.

#41 Large Test Lead Bag

To make it easy to carry your test lead kit components and accessories, we have designed a larger bag to keep everything organized. (18″ x 16″)




#26 Large Spade Adaptor






#45 RTC14 14 Pin Recloser Test Cable

For simplified and non-invasive connectivity when testing 14-pin style recloser controllers with the MTS-5100 Test System.  Carrying bag included.  RTC14-5000 Kit is available for the MTS-5000 Test System.




#27 Small Spade Adaptor


#46 Pushbutton Shorting Switch

Pushbutton switch for manual triggering of contact inputs (for MTS-5000 & MTS-5100).  Included free with all MTS-5100 orders.


#28 Alligator Clip



MTS-5100 Protective Relay Testing System Quick Product Tour

Click here to view all videos 



MTS Onboard Software is the firmware that runs natively onboard the MTS-5100 and MTS-5000 test systems. The firmware is updated periodically to add new relays and Productivity Modes as well as other time-savings features.

Rapid-Reporter is a Windows-based software that can be installed on a computer. This software allows for storing the test parameters and results transferred from an MTS-5100 or MTS-5000 test system. This software allows for the creation of standard and custom reports and allows users to send the test parameters back to the test system to re-run previous tests.

Remote Console is a Windows-based software that can be installed on a computer. This software allows for the control of the test system using the computer. The computer connects to the test system using an Ethernet cable or wirelessly using a third party wireless connector.

The latest version of all three software packages can be downloaded from the Software section of our Customer Login area.