Panel Meter & Transducer tester

The MTS-2000 is a highly portable instrument for testing and calibrating transducers and panel meters. It has two precision AC/DC sources. One channel provides up to 150 volts RMS. The other channel is switchable, supplying up to either 150 volts RMS or 5 amps RMS. For high-voltage meters, you can operate the channels in series to get 300 volts RMS. That’s enough to test and calibrate nearly all the panel meters and transducers found in power utility substations.


  • Tests and calibrates the following meters and transducers: voltage, current, power, frequency, power factor
  • Generate 0-20mA transducer currents
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • “Quick Set” to cycle through test values for rapid testing
  • Small, lightweight and rugged



MTS-2000 Meter/Transducer Test System: Quick Product Tour

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