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  • Symmetrical Components Made Easy – Part 1

    Symmetrical Components Made Easy – Part 1

    Before computer software applications, the task of calculating fault currents for a three-phase electrical system was a challenging task. A mathematical theorem using Symmetrical Components and Sequence Networks was the most practical method to conduct fault studies. Although we now have computers systems to calculate and perform in-depth fault and coordination studies, there continues a need
  • Symmetrical Components Made Easy – Part 2

    Symmetrical Components Made Easy – Part 2

    In the last post we examined and calculated the symmetrical components in a non-faulted, three-phase electrical power system.  This post expands on the same process of using phasor diagrams to describe, illustrate, visualize and calculate the three symmetrical components: Positive Sequence, Negative Sequence and Zero Sequence.  An examination of a phase to neutral (also referred

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