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  • How to test IEC 61850 / GOOSE using the MTS-5100

    How to test IEC 61850 / GOOSE using the MTS-5100

    Modern electric power utilities have been increasing their standardization on IEC 61850 communications within substations in recent years. It is becoming common for substations to use IEC 61850 GOOSE (Generic Object Oriented Substation Events) as a replacement for individually-wired signals between protective relays and other equipment. GOOSE messages allow low-latency, real-time transmission of events over an Ethernet
  • What are the differences between the MTS-5000 and MTS-5100 Protective Relay Testing Systems?

    The MTS-5100 Protective Relay Testing System, introduced in 2012, replaces our earlier MTS-5000 product. What’s Different in the MTS-5100? Here are the differences between the two products, with a few key points in bold text: The MTS-5100 has six 30A current channels, whereas the MTS-5000 has only three. Using two MTS-5100 units, or an MTS-5100

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